The Green Jobs Bus is leaving the station!

Authors: Green For All

All aboard! The Green Jobs Bus is leaving the station! (Yeah, yeah — "all aboard" is for trains, not buses. But the Green Jobs Bus isn't really a bus anyway. It's a hybrid SUV.)

Today, the Green Jobs Bus is leaving to tour California and speak to leaders in the state's green economy. Led by Green For All videographer Ryan Dexter and Green For All Academy Fellow Jennifer Johns, the Green Jobs Bus team will interview pioneers creating green jobs in 10 cities, including Oakland, Sacramento, Fresno, and Los Angeles. The best part is that you will get to follow the tour every step of the way online. Follow @GreenJobsBus on Twitter for the latest info, and check out for daily video updates and regular blogs. Right now, the green economy is under attack in the statehouse and at the ballot with measures like Proposition 23. Part of defending against these deceptive attacks is listening to and lifting up the stories of those directly involved in the positive transformations that green jobs are bringing to everyday Californians. That's exactly what the Green Jobs Bus team is going to do. See you on the (virtual) bus! Green For All Team P.S. If you haven't seen it yet, check out our hilarious new video breaking down the true nature of Prop 23: California Sabotage.

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