The Green Experience at Savannah State University

Authors: Danielle Bailey - College Ambassador, Savannah State University As a Green For All College Ambassador, I am often asked, "What is the Green Economy?" "What do you all do?" And my answer is always simple: We advocate for green jobs that will strengthen our economy and help us live longer! As a senior Biology major at Savannah State University (SSU), most of my peers do not expect this kind of thinking from me, but I am here to show everyone that the green economy movement isn't limited to just environmentalists. Everyone from all backgrounds and all communities can participate and benefit from it. One of the main focus points in my Ambassadorship is to educate my college community on how to be prosperous leaders in this new and exciting realm by establishing our spring campaign, "The Green Experience- SSU." This exciting campaign is designed to provide a living example of how the green economy works on both the environmental and economic side. We plan to establish a sustainable department within our administration that will oversee the use of resources of the University and will be monitored and maintained by the students themselves. This project is a "win win" for Savannah State with goals to reduce our carbon foot print and save money while doing so. It is important that we (the students) are aware of the changes in our world, country, and community and to know that change starts with us. If every student from Savannah State University makes one small green change to their lifestyle, and incorporate that change when they graduate, it will be a huge accomplishment and the first big step towards a sustainable future. I strongly believe the green economy movement will be able to make some of the most indifferent people open their eyes to a healthier living style, not just for themselves but for the people around them as well. I have already made the change, are you willing to do the same?

Danielle Bailey - Savannah State University

Danielle Bailey was born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Stone Mountain. She is a senior majoring in Biology at Savannah State University. Her interest in the environment was stemmed from her love and faith in God. As a child, she was always taught about creation care, but she did not realize how much she cared about the environment until her college years. She has participated in every campus beautification project and traveled with the Student Conservation Association. Bailey is committed to changing the mindset of her peers and establishing a long lasting relationship with Savannah State University and the Savannah/Chatham community.

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