The Green Economy In Coal Country

Authors: Maritza Martinez, Fellowship Program Manager

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In an article on, Green For All Fellow Eric Mathis discussed the importance ofcreating a mutually beneficial environment for the fossil fuel and renewable energy industries in order to bring about a successful transition in West Virginia's energy production.

As the age old “us vs. them” debate continues, many West Virginia residents, companies and entrepreneurs are beginning to identify synergies between renewable energy and fossil fuels, specifically building unexpected coalitions in the heart of coal country. As a social milieu that is built upon a long and proud tradition of producing coal to fuel the development of the first industrial revolution, what opportunities are on the horizon for WV playing a role in simultaneously maintaining its dominance as an energy producer as well as bringing about a less anti-coal version of what Jeremy Rifken has deemed theThird Industrial Revolution? Using WV as a test bed, it is my belief that anetwork economycan only emerge from a mutually beneficial strategy that identifies synergies between fossil fuels and RE (e.g., Hybrid car) given the present political climate in the U.S."

Continue readingWest Virginia Energy Outlook 2012: Identifying Synergies Between Renewables and Fossil Fuel.

This video courtesy Our Mountain State.

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