The Green Economy grows strong in Southern California

Authors: Seema Rupani, Organizer, Green For All

Looking for an example of Green for All's influence on other organizations trying to create green jobs for all and a green economy? Well, look no further than down south... to Long Beach, CA! The North American School of Green Technology, a non-profit called Alliance for Sustainable Action Partnerships and the Southern CA Green Economic Council are all part of one very forward-thinking movement to assist individuals with building the required skills and knowledge in preparation for green jobs, locate/create apprenticeship and job opportunities and, meet potential employers in the process... and it's all being done by a few individuals living off their last dime to bring this to fruition.

The Green Tech School was the brainchild of Stella Ursua, President, and Marcia Tolentino, Vice-President, back in early 2010. Stella and Marcia are committed to assisting individuals quickly and effectively build the necessary skills required to launch new careers and get their foot in the door of a solar installation or energy efficiency company. Courses in Energy Efficiency retrofitting, Building Performance Analyst and Solar Installation are available to those interested in transitioning their careers to these industries; in the coming months, Stella and Marcia also plan on offering a program for those interested in Green Facilities Management as well.

As for the non-profit, The Alliance for Sustainable Action Partnerships (ASAP), will help build the bridge to green jobs and work projects, so that in turn, graduates can be referred upon completion of training... basically a "one-stop service organization" for clients!

Stella has been following Green for All's efforts and accomplishments since its early beginnings, saying: "For me, Green for All has always been the shining example of what we wanted to become - an organization that provides local communities with green training and job opportunities, best practices on how to go about creating work programs such as energy efficiency retrofitting and how to partner with other organizations to create actual jobs in local underserved communities.

As a result, Stella recently founded the Southern CA Green Economic Council, an organization that unites ambitious, sustainably-focused individuals, grass-roots and non-profit organizations, and representatives from local government and businesses, committed to mobilizing our citizenry towards:

  • Creating Good Green Jobs in Long Beach/South Bay areas
  • Creating Job Creation Finance Systems
  • Ending our dependence on foreign oil sources
  • Building Energy Efficient Transportation systems

Stella and Marcia are confident that they will be able to provide future students/clients with the best and brightest instructors, effective, well organized and skills-building training experiences, and create the actual connections to good green jobs.

Talk about leading by example, Green for All!

For more information, please contact Stella at or Marcia at

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