The Fiscal Cliff: What’s at Stake for Communities of Color in the Budget Debate?

Growing the green economy is an important path toward economic recovery for all Americans – but particularly for communities of color and those most affected by the economic downturn. Federal investment in green infrastructure; job training for careers in clean industries; and, enforcement in environmental protection for neighborhoods overburdened by pollution, feed two birds with one hand – create jobs and build clean, healthy communities. Instead of cutting vital programs that are essential to growing our economy - especially for the nation's most vulnerable - Congress should enact a balanced budget that calls for corporations and wealthy Americans to pay their fair share; prioritizes job creation; and opposes cuts to programs that protect clean air and water and a sustainable energy future.


  • Speak Out About What’s at Stake – Let your local media know how the proposed cuts would affect local job training programs and infrastructure projects. Share success stories about workers who have benefitted from job training programs or green businesses who have hired workers through these programs. Download background document here. Download talking points here.
  • Spread the Word – Educate your network regarding the impact of the “fiscal cliff”. Congress should enact a budget deal that supports vital programs that protect clean air and water and that build a sustainable energy future.  For information on proposed cuts to conservation and environment programs, click here
  • Join the National Skills Coalition in its “Save Our Skills Campaign,” which includes state-level resources on the impact of sequestration on workforce programs, and broader actions to protect the Workforce Investment Act and other key workforce development programs.
  • Hold your Congressional Leaders Accountable. Congress should vote YES on:
    1. Job creation strategies that invest in infrastructure, boost renewable energy production, and trains workers for jobs in the green economy.
    2. Ending the Bush tax cuts for families earning more than $250,000 annually. Ending the Bush tax cuts for families earning over $250,000 would generate close to one trillion dollars. This revenue should be reinvested back into our economy to fix roads, bridges, sewer systems and other vital infrastructure.

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