The Clean Water Act is 39€“ and needs your help more than ever

Authors: Green For All

In 1969, a river caught fire.

People of a certain age probably remember when it happened. The Cuyahoga, which runs through northeastern Ohio and outlets into Lake Erie in Cleveland, was heavily contaminated – so much so that stretches of the waterway contained no life at all. It was thick with pollutants; Time called it the river that "oozes rather than flows." The ooze ignited on June 22. That fire wasn't the river's first. It was approximately the thirteenth time the river's surface had burned. But the conflagration in 1969 was the last time.

There's a simple explanation why.

Excerpt from Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins' post on Treehugger today The explanation? The Clean Water Act. Since becoming law on this day in 1972, the Clean Water Act has made our water cleaner, safer and more beautiful. But it's coming under renewed attack: polluters would much rather save money by dumping pollutants into our waterways than disposing of them properly. And their allies on Capitol Hill are making it easy for them to do so. How can you help? Two ways.

This contest is now over.

First, join our Twitter contest. Between now and noon Pacific on October 19, tweet the name of your favorite body of water. Include the hashtag #CleanWaterAct and a link to this blog post and you can win a Green For All t-shirt.

Second: sign our petition calling on the White House to fully fund improvements to our water infrastructure. We need several thousand more signatures on a critical issue that could put nearly 1.9 million people to work. The Clean Water Act may be old, but it's just as important now as it was in 1969. Today, rivers don't catch fire. We have to work together to make sure they never do again.

Learn more about the current state of our water infrastructure and how we can improve it in Water Works, a new report from Green For All. Read the Executive Summary » 

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