VIDEO: The California Model: Make Polluters Pay

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Even when climate change is a top priority for lawmakers, progress is challenging. It often comes down to money: We have plenty of expensive problems right now, so expensive problems down the road take a backseat.

It’s becoming increasingly clear, however, that climate change isn’t down the road, it’s right now — and addressing it can help solve other problems.

“Climate change hurts us all, because air doesn't respect borders or walls,” said Vien Truong of Green for All, a nonprofit founded by political commentator and environmentalist Van Jones. “It impacts disproportionately people who live in low-income communities and communities of color.”

Truong knows. She’s not just the director of a national initiative to build a green economy while lifting people out of poverty: Her hometown is the low-income community of West Oakland in Northern California.

“Where we are now, one out of four people have asthma. And that ratio is about right in my family,” said Truong.

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