The Boston Globe: Why Green Jobs Are Our Future

Authors: Ashley Decena

Here is a great article from The Boston Globe, which explores the economic possibilities of green jobs. For the entire article, click here.

Why Green Jobs Are Our Future

By Derrick Z. Jackson
October 21, 2008

HOW MUCH GREEN can you make off a green job?

Since the 1970s, California's energy-efficiency programs have created 1.5 million jobs, increased payrolls by $45 billion, and yielded $56 billion in energy savings that went toward other consumer spending, according to a University of California at Berkeley study. David Roland-Holst, the study's author, said the state's new mandates to curb greenhouse gases and further efficiency measures will add 400,000 green jobs, $48 billion in household income, and $76 billion to the state's domestic product by 2020.

"If the country can follow California's example, it will have a dramatic effect on our future emissions and energy independence," Roland-Holst told the Associated Press.

There have been several attempts to project what this would look like nationally. The US Conference of Mayors said an economy that shifts to generating 40 percent of its electricity from wind, solar, biomass, and other fuels will generate 4.2 million green jobs by 2038. The Apollo Alliance coalition of environmentalists and business leaders says a $500 billion investment over the next 10 years will create 5 million green-collar jobs. The alliance says the $50-billion-a-year average "is a smaller share of our gross domestic product than what we spent on the original Apollo program" to go to the moon. "It is one-third the amount that we spend each year in Iraq."

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