The 2010 Coaching Classes

The 2010 Coaching Classes

Entrepreneurs: Customer Service

Derrick Giles, Owner & President

Coach: Darryl Russell

Enpulse Energy Conservation
Greensboro, NC

A North Carolina-licensed engineering and consulting firm providing design, building commissioning services, mechanical and electrical, design, energy and facility management, and project management services throughout the Southwest to industrial, commercial, and public sector clients.

Located in Greensboro, NC, ENPULSE initially focused on cost reduction through strategic utility management and maintenance optimization. As our opportunities to assist our clients broadened, ENPULSE began offering value oriented engineering design services that take advantage of our sustainable design, maintenance and operational experience.

ENPULSE has the capability to assist clients with many projects from concept through commissioning.

Garry Harris, President & CEO 

Coach: Darryl Russell

HTS Enterprises
Atlanta, GA

HTS Enterprises provides a comprehensive suite of energy engineering consulting; policy; research and education services.

HTS Enterprises provides and has active projects in power generation and delivery, energy efficiency, renewable energy, nuclear energy, alternative fuels, energy education, sustainable communities, alternative transportation, advance vehicle technologies, advance building technologies, weatherization, recycling, workforce development, energy materials technology and advance energy research.

J.T. Stinnette, Principal 

Coach: Tracy Stevens

Stinnette & Brown
Chicago, IL

Stinnette & Brown, LLC (S&B) is a socially responsible green enterprise operating in three distinct market areas including:

  • real estate construction and development specializing in retrofitting contracting,
  • green consulting and training specializing in helping clients navigate the LEED requirements and obtain LEED certification for their projects; and
  • green media.

S&B operates in three distinct green market areas in an effort to strategically maximize its impact and corresponding market share of the green economy through green collar job creation on a global scale.

S&B’s projects bring sustainable concepts to the urban environment by providing quality services to a spectrum of clients including, but not limited to: commercial building owners, municipal, state and federal government entities and residential property owners.

S&B exposes the urban consumers it serves, through its projects, to the benefits of eco-friendly building and living. In the process, S&B empowers urban communities that have been traditionally disenfranchised through green collar job training, creation and placement.

Entrepreneurs: Social Enterprise

Galen Peterson, Program Director
Simmy Makijihani, Development Director 

Coach: Holly Morris Bennett

Art in Action
Oakland, CA

At the Oakland Green Youth Media Arts Center we offer a variety of arts programming to youth ages 13-24 in the Bay Area community. During this start-up phase we are offering basic training in media arts, as well as programming that includes leadership training, environmental justice education and life skills development.

The Peapod Adobe Youth Voices academy is offering a number of fall classes in 2009. The music program at the center has both beginner and advanced classes, and supports youth rappers in creating their own compilation CD. There is a rights-of-passage program that includes Hip-Hop education, and teaches youth artists new skills through a cutting edge Reality TV show called The Agency, as well as an on-line internet show called Smash where youth rappers compete for prizes.

In the evenings youth can do the beginner’s dance class, participate in Capoiera or join the dance performance crew. Colored Ink offers Urban Theater trainings throughout the week and is working on a full-length play.

Tony Coleman, Founder 

01.       Coach: 

Bikes 4 Life
Oakland, CA

Bikes 4 Life is a community non-profit bicycle shop serving West Oakland.

Offering workshops, classes, and a communal space for community organizing efforts, we’re repairing the neighborhood one bike at a time.

John Taylor, Executive Director 

Coach: Edmond Antoine

Brick City Farming Solutions
Newark, NJ

In collaboration with faith & community based organizations and local residents, Brick City Farming Solutions (BCFS) helps to alleviate the food security issues that plague urban dwellers by growing and distributing fresh food in inner-city neighborhoods.

Newark is a prime example of an urban “fresh-food desert.” Residents have minimal access to fresh produce within city limits which has a significant and detrimental impact on the health, well-being, and quality of life of Newarkers.

By creating organized community farms located on underutilized, neglected and abandoned land throughout the city, BCFS rejuvenates and transforms empty lots, which are not only eyesores but also have a negative effect on the perception of public safety within a community, into dynamic, fruitful farms. These mini “social businesses” add multi-faceted value to the community.

Andrew Butcher, CEO 

Coach: Lisa Marshall

Pittsburgh, PA

Growth Through Energy & Community Health (GTECH) Strategies is a nonprofit social enterprise investing in community revitalization through green economic development initiatives.

We partner with community organizations, service providers, and public agencies to develop and implement community-based projects that include vacant land management, green infrastructure, weatherization and retrofitting, deconstruction, residual waste reuse, and biofuel production. As a social enterprise, we seek new opportunities and develop joint ventures to cultivate new markets in the green economy that benefit our communities and create jobs.

GTECH is committed to building and strengthening the Green Economy through innovative business practices, goods and services that have a positive impact on the environment, connecting people, and catalyzing communities.

Soren Harrison, CEO

Coach: Stuart Rudick

Boston, MA

SolSolution is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to simultaneously generate clean, renewable electricity and increase the quality of education in underprivileged schools. We’re taking the proven for-profit solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model and transforming it to make SolSolution a high impact, self-sustaining nonprofit. Instead of distributing profit to individual shareholders, SolSolution transfers these funds back to schools to pay for tangible educational resources. Schools realize reduced electricity costs and receive additional educational funding from SolSolution, and the environment benefits from the addition of carbon-free electricity generation. Our vision is to install 1GW of solar generating capacity by 2020, and shift >$200M to educational budgets in low-income schools.

Michele McGeoy 

02.     Coach: Jude Heimel

Solar Richmond
Richmond, CA

Solar Richmond develops green-collar jobs, clean energy, and economic opportunity through solar installation training and innovative job creation to empower emerging leaders of the green economy.

Solar Richmond’s signature program is a comprehensive four-week solar installation training that serves approximately 80 underemployed Richmond residents annually.

In addition to this training, Solar Richmond provides economic and environmental analyses for Bay Area residents and businesses interested in going solar. We help these consumers gather bids from reputable companies that hire Solar Richmond’s well trained graduates.

Anthony Tsai, Green Business Consultant 

03.      Coach: Christine Rico 

Urban Solutions
San Francisco, CA

Urban Solutions works to foster the well-being of disadvantaged communities by helping to increase neighborhood commercial vitality, strengthen small businesses, create jobs, encourage diversity and promote sustainability.

Urban Solutions’ Green Business Program helps new and existing businesses identify money-saving opportunities that better our environment.

Hilary Abell, Executive Director

Steve Hicken, Director of Programs

Coaches: Lynn Myhal (Abell)  &  Marsha Lynch (Hicken)

Oakland, CA

WAGES’ mission is to build worker-owned green businesses that create healthy, dignified jobs for low-income women.

Since 1998, WAGES has created hundreds of green jobs for Latina women in the San Francisco Bay Area by developing eco-friendly housecleaning cooperatives that improve members’ incomes, protect their health, and green our communities.

Entrepreneurs: Website

Charisse McAuliffe, Founder & CEO 

Coach: Patricia Weiland
Fort Collins, CO

GenGreen is one of the preeminent aggregators and distributors of environmental content online.

GenGreen created and maintains the largest database of accredited green businesses and organizations in North America, with a growing group of almost 60,000 companies currently in their system, covering everything from recycling centers to solar panel companies.

Entrepreneurs: Consumer/Commercial Products

Sonja Ebron, Founder

Coach: Cornelia Shipley

Atlanta, GA

blackEnergy is a national distributor of energy conservation products and an organizer of energy buying groups that help people use their utility bills to support Black communities.

Sara Gregory, Category Strategist

Coach: Shelley Gaynes

Carol’s Express
Chicago, IL

Carol’s Express, LLC, makers of ceXpress Products is a family owned and operated WMBE dedicated to providing the black consumer with high quality nature-based hair and skin care products at an exceptional value. With an humble brand that traces its roots back to a kitchen table and a dream, ceXpress products is no stranger to modest living, understanding the need to have a product that’s going to fit into your budget while satisfying your need for quality. Carol’s Express is a proud Walmart supplier and other fine retailers, committed to making the urban community we serve more green.

Ellen Honigstock, Green Business Consultant 

Coach: Glenn Croston 

Ellen Honigstock Architect PC
Brooklyn, NY

Ellen Honigstock Architect PC is a full service architectural firm specializing in sustainable strategies for existing buildings.

The firm provides energy auditing and green consulting services to building owners wishing to make their existing buildings healthier, more energy-efficient, waterwise and environmentally responsible.

We launched the Toeprint Project early in 2009 to increase awareness about green building in New York City by convening Neighborhood Residential Sustainability Teach-Ins throughout the 5 boroughs.

The Principal, Ellen Honigstock, RA, LEED AP has 24 years experience as an architect and is the Residential Green Building Advocate for the Urban Green Council.

Jeffrey Richardson, President & Co-Founder 

Coach: Charles Feltman

imani energy
Los Angeles, CA

imani energy, inc is a start-up solar technology, installation and manufacturing venture, committed to creating high-demand training and jobs, products and services through the building and servicing of the rapidly growing green economy.

Wilson Johnson, Master Franchisee

Coach: Darryl Russell

Oakland, CA

Johnson and Easland Enterprises LLC are regional business developers for the International Franchisor, Prontowash International which originates in Argentina and operates in multiple countries around the world.

PWUSA is an environmentally responsible car care service company providing “waterless” car washing, detailing and reconditioning services. Johnson and Easland LLC is a socially-focused business working to achieve triple-bottom-line success.

Prontowash USA (PWUSA) and Johnson and Easland Enterprises own and develop business franchisees for PWUSA and have multiple locations operating in California.

Holley Blackwell, General Manager 

Coach: Lynn Myhal

Sweet Beginnings
Chicago, IL

Sweet Beginnings, LLC, is a social enterprise whose business incorporates urban honey production and natural skin care manufacturing. A triple bottom line mission drives the operations of the business.

Our emphasis is on economic well-being for our company and employees through the creation of wealth, the manufacture of natural, honey-infused skin care products, and the advancement of the men and women of our community through innovative approaches to a share in the living economy.

We are particularly interested in creating jobs that align with various sectors of the green economy. Sweet Beginnings hires men and women with significant barriers to employment.

Nadine Cino, CEO & Co-Inventor 

Coach: Alix von Cramon

Tyga-Box Systems
New York, NY

Tyga-Box Systems, Inc., is the leading U.S. company in developing innovative new products for office moving.

Our main product, “The Tyga-Box System,” is a patented system of integrated plastic boxes and dollies for moving file folders and other contents. It makes churn and relocation moving safer — you never lift a box unless it’s empty — and faster — because boxes are packed and moved in the right order for unpacking.

The Tyga-Box system has spread rapidly throughout the U.S., and is becoming the new standard in churn and relocation. Tyga-Boxes are moving America’s corporations on a daily basis. Our customer base includes many Fortune 500 companies and major moving firms.

Melissa Parker (Founder) and Tyra Hodges, Co-Owners 

Coach: Cathleen Szebrat

Tymel Style
Philadelphia, PA

Tymel Style, LLC is a company dedicated to helping businesses, organizations and individuals become more conscious about the environment.

We provide products and information that allows people to easily incorporate small changes that will make a greater impact on the planet.

Our signature product offering is a line of custom, high-quality, stylish reusable bags. They are made from recycled materials and display bright, bold, and creative patterns that make a design statement while providing an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic and paper bags.

Willo O’Brien, Owner/Designer

Coach: Michele Bicego

San Francisco, CA

WilloToons is a unique, eco-conscious gift line – where geek meets rock ‘n roll! Visit our online shop for geekyfantastic tees for adults, organic onesies and adorable gift sets for babies and kiddos, and even rockin’ jewelry for crafty ladies.

Coaches: North

Michele Bicego, President

Vibe Strategies, Inc
Vancouver, B.C.

An experienced consultant and coach helping leaders set direction, build capability, and achieve sustainable results.

At Vibe, our goal is to inspire engaging work environments where people connect to their company’s vision, values, and business goals and want to set new standards of great customer experiences. We help our clients make a difference while making a profit.

Darryl Russel, President 

The Russell Group
Seattle, WA

The Russell Group is a business coaching and organizational development company.

Our business is designing and facilitating processes that assist our clients in the pursuit of excellence. As a result, we offer unique methods of motivation, control, evaluation and application that are aimed directly at achieving an organization’s specific goals.

Coaches: East

Edmond Antoine, Founder

Team Global Network, Inc.
Millburn, NJ

Edmond has created a true global coaching business with a consortium of executive coaches situated throughout the world. Edmond has more than 20 years of experience in the global corporate world and close to 15 years as an entrepreneur and master certified coach.

He coaches highly successful executives and entrepreneurs and has a strong presence in the global hospitality industry.

Catherine Carmody

Declaire Associates
Chicago, IL

Declaire Associates provides executive coaching and business consulting services to professional individuals, teams and communities who want to create significant, sustainable results in an uncertain world. Declaire Associates stands with you as you develop perspectives, insights, and behaviors to enhance and sustain your unique brand of success. We listen to understand your goals and build a foundation of trust; we work with you to formulate and evaluate alternatives and possibilities; and we encourage risk appropriate actions that will inspire you to achieve results and success in tune with and measured on your bottom line.

Faith Halter, Founder

Insightful Transitions
Washington, D.C.

I help leaders clarify the visions they have for their organizations and find creative new ways to realize them.

As an ongoing catalyst and partner, I help to:

- formulate clear goals;

- take action to achieve high-impact, sustainable results;

- and promote “mindful leadership” that incorporates self-awareness and attunement to others.

Lisa Marshall, Principal

The Smart Work Company
Pittsburgh, PA

Lisa Marshall founded The Smart Work Company to help leaders develop critical communication and collaboration skills.

For twenty years, her seminars and trainings have offered executives a creative way to become more self-aware and tap into their potential through the power of story. When smart people view themselves as protagonists in a living story, Marshall explains, they begin to recognize the deeper implications behind their professional journeys.

Christine Rico, Founder & President

Waste to Wealth
Brooklyn, NY

Waste to Wealth supports social ventures and businesses engaged in creating sustainable communities and a greener, cleaner world.

Through Waste to Wealth Christine applies her expertise in strategy, business planning and systems design on behalf of clients seeking financial success and sustained social impact.

Christine has 25 years of experience with business planning, social venture development and non-profit management. Christine has worked with organizations and companies in all stages: start-ups, turnarounds, rapid expansion/replication and executive transitions.

Christine is a Steering Committee member of the NYC Apollo Alliance; a facilitator for the Green Jobs Roundtable convened by the Urban Agenda, a member of Green Spaces NY and a consultant on business development to Sustainable South Bronx.

Cathleen Szebrat, Principal

The O’Toole Firm
Washington, D.C.

The O’Toole Firm helps entrepreneurs and other professionals become more innovative and resilient.

My practice includes the following principles:

1. helping clients become more self-observant and reflective by identifying patterns that may block their development;

2. action learning and its emphasis on enhancing knowledge through experimentation and application to real-life challenges; and

3. appreciative awareness to help clients identify what works as well as what needs improvement.

Coaches: South

Alix von Cramon, Transformational Life Coach

Skills for Intentional Living
Charlotte, NC

Alix holds a Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Meta-Coach in Neuro-Semantics, and trained Mediator in Conflict/Resolution. She emerged as a professional in the coaching field after 25 plus yeas in executive management.

She has held positions in management, consulting, and training within multi-million dollar global firms. She facilitates people’s connection with their highest values and intentions, while learning how to quickly exhibit these in their behavior and choices.

Shelley Gaynes, Founder

Gee Wiz, LLC
Atlanta, GA

Shelley Gaynes is the founder of Gee Wiz, LLC, a leading provider of sales, management, and leadership coaching, training, assessments, and consulting services. Her network of consulting partners works with a wide range of clients including Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations, small business owners, and individuals.

With over 25 years of business experience, Shelley is sought out by her clients due to her:

  • ability to get results
  • track record of success
  • excellent communication skills
  • attentive listening style
  • ability to partner with her clients
  • results-oriented solutions
  • enthusiasm and passion
  • creative resourcefulness
  • sincere interest in sustainability of solutions

Jude Heimel, Founder

Jude Heimel & Associates
Santa Fe, NM

I have been in service to organizational improvement and the betterment of our working environment for 30+ years.

I am a coach because after 30 years of consulting work, I know that working WITH provides more effective and longer lasting change than consulting TO.

Cornelia Shipley , Principle Partner, Sr. VP

3C Consulting, LLC
Atlanta, GA

My practice is focused on assisting individuals in strategically planning their life and work so they ultimately spend their day their way.

I help people clarify who they are and what matters most, create a vision and plan that engages and excites them, and ensures the accountability necessary to Carry Out their plans.

Coaches: West

Charles Feltman, Executive Coach

Insight Coaching
San Luis Obispo, CA

I coach executives and managers to fully develop the leadership presence, visionary thinking, and capacity for action that produce exceptional results.

My desire is that my clients’ work reflects what they care about, they set meaningful goals and have the capacity to achieve them, and they find satisfaction from the results.

Dave Kashen, Founder

DMK Coaching
San Francisco, CA

DMK Coaching helps entrepreneurs and executives to envision and achieve seemingly impossible results by connecting them with their values and purpose, unleashing their motivation and empowering them to overcome any obstacles that have previously stood in their way.

Marsha Lynch, Principal 

The Growth Coach
San Jose, CA

Our programs provide not only professional success but also more time for friends and family.

We’ve created the proven proprietary programs that allow our customers to understand, adopt, and consistently apply proven strategies and tactics to reap extraordinary benefits in their business and ultimately in their personal lives.

Lynn Myhal, Principal

The Myhal Group
Sunnyvale, CA

I help people who are either in transition themselves or are part of an organization in transition to successfully navigate the inevitable chaos and creative opportunities of transition.

I leave clients self-correcting and self-generating, with the tools to coach themselves after our work has finished.

Christine Silver, Partner

Silver Business Solutions
Santa Cruz, CA

I help individuals and organizations figure out what they want and how they will get it, through coaching and/or training.

Patricia Weiland, Principal 

Sage Strategies
Los Angeles, CA

Sage Strategies coach consultants incorporate real business experience helping you grow your business or grow as a business leader.

Our goal is to clarify your vision, increase intentional productivity and creativity to develop sustainable business by building and retaining strong relationships with clients, vendors and employees with more fun.

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