Thank You, CBC, for Walking the Walk on Job Creation

Authors: Green For All

Yesterday afternoon, Green For All and Black Enterprise magazine helped kick off the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Foundation's Annual Leadership Conference with a reception at the Capitol.

Hosted by Lamman Rucker, star of movies and television (and the newest member of our board!), the event was called "Thank You, CBC: Walking the Walk on Job Creation." Our intent was simple: to honor the CBC for doing what so few others have - try and put people to work.

Over the summer, the CBC launched a jobs tour, hitting five cities across the country in an attempt to pair businesses looking for employees with people looking for work. It was a phenomenal success. Tens of thousands of people showed up seeking work, and while not all of them were able to find it, every opportunity to meet employers is a worthwhile one. With unemployment in the African-American community over 16%, the tour's national media coverage brought a lot of needed attention to what is happening outside of the Beltway.

A packed room heard from CBC Chair Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, II, and applauded the presentation of awards to a number of CBC members. We appreciate those who took the time to attend - particularly the member of Congress who stopped by between critical votes on the floor of the House.

The CBC continues to be one of the strongest, most committed Caucuses in Congress. We appreciate their leadership and were happy to provide some much-deserved recognition.

Actor (and Green For All Board Member) Lamman Rucker meets with fans

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