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Authors: Julian Mocine-McQueen, Campaign and Partnerships Manager Green The Block needs your help! Air pollution is an issue that affects all of us, and we want you to help us tell it. Throughout the fall, we'll be asking you to help paint the picture of the environmental and health issues arising from pollution by telling us the story of what you, your neighbors, or your community is doing about them. You can email us your story (and pictures, if any), or post a video on YouTube and send us the link. But the easiest way to is submit your story through our online form. We'll highlight your stories on the Green The Block blog and with media partners! As we collect stories from your block, we will continue to develop our fall resources and share back ideas about how you can engage your community about air quality, and look at what actions you can organize and what steps you can take to be a leader on this critical issue. Let's take action now to ensure that we can all breathe clean and fresh air!

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