Taking on the responsibility of tomorrow

Authors: Cassie Brown | Green For All College Ambassador Everybody knows that with great privilege comes great responsibility. And Green For All has given me the honor and responsibility of making change towards a green economy at North Carolina A&T State University. And wow, what a responsibility it is! North Carolina A&T State University is known for being a significant catalyst for change during the Civil Rights Movement in 1960. Equally important, today our university has been taking many steps towards helping the environment and making our university green. On our campus you can now find crops being planted, indoor recycling bins, rainwater being recycled and even composting! These are the changes that I am proud to say my university is allowing to take place. But there are many more changes to come and many more uninformed people in the Greensboro community. I cannot explain how excited I was last month to see new recycling bins next to almost every outdoor trash can on campus. But that feeling of accomplishment ceased when I saw that a large percentage of the items in the bins were non-recyclable materials! This is where my Green For All college ambassador partner and myself come in. Our major goal in our first semester as college ambassadors was to educate students on A&T’s campus about what it means to go green. Many students have heard about the movement, but are not aware of how it can impact them and the community around them. To me, it is very important to emphasize, not only the environmental advantages of going green, but also how it will resolve the problems we face today as people. We have collaborated with numerous organizations on campus to conduct our fall workshop, including a two day Environmental Symposium. Now that we have the work and planning of the fall under our belt, we plan to take off and hit the ground running in the spring! Our goal for the spring is to get everyone involved. Fortunately, students at NC A&T SU are very eager to get involved for the betterment of our community. In addition, there are many colleges and businesses in the area that we are reaching out to. Abraham Lincoln said “you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. And now in 2010, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is ready for much-needed change. It is a different time and a different movement, but it will impact our community just the same. I know as Aggies we are ready to take on the challenge!

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