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Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States Release Draft Framework for Regional Cap and Invest Policy for Transportation

BOSTON, MA - Today, twelve states and the District of Columbia who comprise the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), released a draft framework for the regional program they are developing to curb transportation sector emissions. The program would reduce emissions from transportation, charge polluters, and reinvest program revenues to build a low carbon transportation future. The draft framework was developed with public input over a multi-year process, and is now open for public comment before states share a more detailed draft policy at the end of this year, with a finalized MOU signed by Governors anticipated by Spring 2020. 

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Why I asked this question

During CNN’s Climate Crisis Town Hall, I had the opportunity to ask Senator Kamala Harris: How will you work across the aisle to support all workers, and build trust with the Republican constituents dependent on a fossil-fuel economy?

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Green For All's Eleanor Fort Speaks on Cutting Carbon Pollution and Inequality Too

“We know that when we cut carbon pollution, we have to cut inequality too,” said Eleanor Fort, senior campaign manager with Green For All, one of the organizations leading the charge. “The question is: How are states going to do that as they design the details of the program?” 

“As we tackle the climate crisis, we can structure solutions in a way that addresses historical disparities,” Fort said

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CNN: Seven reasons for hope from climate town hall

Op-ed written by Michelle Romero and Van Jones

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Hope took center stage during CNN's Climate Town Hall Wednesday night. The optimistic message that the 10 presidential candidates managed to find for tackling our greatest existential threat was this: Addressing climate change isn't about preventing the worst, it's about mustering our energy and creativity to win a better future.


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CNN Climate Crisis Town Hall: What we hope to hear from the candidates


On Wednesday, September 4th at 5pm ET, CNN will host a historic Climate Crisis Town Hall featuring ten Democratic presidential hopefuls. Candidates will answer questions from the moderators and the audience about how they will tackle one of the greatest challenges of our time and build a better future.

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Will the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states prioritize a transportation system to those who need it most?

Link to Baltimore Sun Article: "In curbing transportation sector emissions, will states prioritize community needs?

op-ed written by: Michelle Romero, National Director of Green For All and 
Samuel Jordan, Co-founder and President of the Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition

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Climate Policy for Cars Could Hurt the Poor, Advocates Say

Environmental justice advocates worry a proposed cap-and-invest program for cars won't help the low-income and minority communities that have historically borne the brunt of air pollution from vehicles.

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Green For All Joins with Organizations to Advocate for a Clean Transportation Future for All

JULY 26, 2019

Today, Green For All along with seven racial, economic, environmental, and transit justice organizations submitted a letter to the 12 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states that are developing a regional carbon emissions reduction program for transportation as part of the Transportation and Climate Initiative. In the letter, we ask states to prioritize addressing inequality and disproportionate impacts as an equal goal alongside carbon emission reductions in pursuit of a truly clean and modern transportation future that works for all.

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Green For All National Director Michelle Romero testifies in front of Congress

On Tuesday, July 16, Green For All National Director Michelle Romero testified in front of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. Watch her testimony or read it below. You can also download a copy of Michelle's testimony here.

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Green For All joined EVgo at the OC Green Expo in support of their Communities Charging For Change program

On Saturday, June 22nd, Green For All joined our partner EVgo at the inaugural OC Green Expo in support of their Communities Charging For Change program. With nearly 1000 attendees, it was an opportunity to showcase Green For All’s #FuelChange program, providing resources to promote a more sustainable transportation lifestyle and reduce our community’s carbon footprint. 

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