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Forward on Climate and Forward in our Communities

Written by Ursula Ible, Green For All Ambassador

FAMU College Ambassador Ursula Ible: Front right

This past weekend, February 17, 2013, I joined the “Forward on Climate” rally at the National Mall in Washington DC. Organized and supported by organizations including the Green For All, Sierra Club,, and the Hip Hop Caucus, the rally involved over 40,000 demonstrators, including families, youth leaders, organizers, and a multitude of local and national orgs and groups. There were many guest speakers, including Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Van Jones, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Reverend Lennox Yearwood, and Bill Mckibben. 

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Barrio Sustainability Offers Hope in the Face of Arizona’s Climate Change Challenges

Written by Luis Perales, Green For All Fellow

Disponible en español. Available in Spanish.  

Tierra Y Libertad Organization planting trees with fifth graders at a Tucson, AZ school.

After witnessing from afar the people power associated with the Forward on Climate Change Rally held on Sunday, February 17, 2013, I’m reminded of the tremendous work at hand in the state of Arizona in general and the Tucson Metropolitan Area in particular.  As a long time organizer with the grassroots organization, Tierra Y Libertad, who has worked on issues and campaigns related to culturally appropriate public health services, immigrant rights, educational equity, and barrio sustainability, I recognize the need to bring together individuals and organizers from across sectors to create a new brand of positive social change. 

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New Mexico’s Water Worries within a Changing Climate

Written by Juan Reynosa, Green For All Fellow 

Disponible en español. Available in Spanish.

Project Feed the Hood, a program of the Southwest Organizing Project, at the opening day of the International District Community Garden in Albuquerque, NM

Here in New Mexico it’s been an interesting past few years, climately speaking. We’ve witnessed a change in seasons, temperatures, and precipitation.  As these changes have become progressively more severe, so have their impacts. 

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Want to Build Climate Resilience and Create Jobs? Fix America's Water Infrastructure

Written by: Camila Thorndike, Board of Directors
Watershed Management Group

While “water is life” borders on cliché, we too rarely hear about how our economy also depends on carefully managing this critical resource.  Yet desert dwellers know it in our bones: no water, no Tucson, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, or LA.  The federal budget debates challenge us to voice our priorities. While we may have dodged a bullet on the fiscal cliff, by delaying sequestration until March 1 the Administration and Congress must come up with approximately $85 billion in cuts for the FY 2013 federal budget.  If Congress slashes funding for job training and investment in infrastructure improvements that help communities withstand climate change, they will dry up a rising groundswell for a water-wise future. Not one of us can afford that outcome. America’s aging and stressed water infrastructure is falling apart. Fortunately, a sufficient financial commitment from Congress to manage stormwater and preserve water quality across the country could generate 1.9 million jobs and over $265 billion in economic activity.  Public infrastructure investment in our most precious resource is a ready solution to our ecological and jobs crisis. 

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