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Chris Campbell

Pasadena, CA - Chris Campbell is a lean Entrepreneur/Scrum Master with experience creating and growing new businesses. His industry experience includes ventures in guerilla marketing, mobile technology, digital advertising, bottled water, and the recording industry. His most recent venture, is an eco-friendly apparel company located in Santa Barbara, California. Prior to Cali Green, Chris was the head of Sales Integration where he developed and lead several high performing teams of developers and designers at and that produce revenues of over $8 Million per month. Chris has a Master degree in English Composition from Cal State San Bernardino, a Bachelor’s degree from Cal State University in Long Beach and he is an Executive MBA Candidate at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito School of Management in Claremont, California.

Patrick Brown

Chicago, IL - Mr. Brown has spent the last 9 years working with OAI to train underserved communities to work in environmental health and safety. His primary function as Senior Instructor is to be responsible for training 80+ individuals per year to meet state requirements to receive licensure in Lead and Asbestos abatement. While at OAI, he has also been integral in the development of new curriculum including mold awareness, Hazardous communication and Hazwoper updates. Other duties include trainer evaluation and coordinating green initiatives within OAI’s 5 training sites nation wide. With a background in construction and lead abatement, Mr. Brown has recently focused on making jobs in the new green economy safe. As the number of green jobs grows and green technology advances it is important to him to keep worker safety at the forefront of this movement. Mr. Brown hopes that by doing such we can avoid the workplace injuries and marginalized health that were characteristic of the last pollution based economy.

Dr. Blanche Brown

Atglen, PA - Blanche is the founder and executive director of the Urban and Rural Science Alliance Inc. (URSA), a nonprofit STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) organization in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. The work of the GWC USA is through early intervention, to engage young people from underrepresented groups and economically challenged communities, at an early age in hands-on science inquiry, career development, higher education planning and academic enrichment. Blanche is a graduate of National Audubon Society’s Expedition Institute where she also interned with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Currently Blanche is forging relationships with community-based nonprofits in low-income neighborhoods to develop projects around environmental literacy, urban agriculture, renewable energy and green construction.

Hashim Benford

Miami, FL - As an organizer, Hashim is working on the Miami Workers Center campaign for green jobs and housing. While working with the MWC grassroots council Low-Income Families Fighting Together (LIFFT), Hashim organized tenant unions for the MWC Renter's Rights Campaign and has also helped with the eight year struggle to win justice for the former residents of Scott Carver Homes. He is a graduate of Florida International University, where he earned a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and an undergraduate certificate in Women's Studies.

Tony Anderson

Atlanta, GA - Tony C. Anderson, a social entrepreneur and co-founder and Executive Director of The Let's Retrofit A Million Education Fund,  has retrofitted over 50,000 energy efficient light bulbs, water conservation kits and low flow toilets by canvassing low-income neighborhoods door-to-door; a realized savings of over $7.1 million. Tony sees his role in this movement not only as an educator and a builder of green collar jobs but also as the creator of "green cufflink" jobs. Tony holds a BA in Philosophy of Political Science from Morehouse College.


Recipient of the Fellows Fund micro-grant award for: AmeriCorps Atlanta 2012 & Atlanta Green Light Corridor Capacity Building Initiative for Graphics & Videography Georgia Conservancy D/B/A The LRAM Education Fund, Inc. – Atlanta, GA The AmeriCorps Atlanta 2012 & Atlanta Green Light Corridor Capacity Building Initiative for Graphics & Videography project aims to heighten the environmental intelligence of student leaders and community stakeholders within communities of modest means. The project will bridge community civic engagement and educational awareness via direct-to-door delivery of green solutions. The volunteers will conduct showerhead and faucet exchanges, energy cost surveys, energy audits, weatherization assessments and CFL bulb retrofits. Blog Entry 1 | Blog Entry 2

Jamel BJ Allah

Bronx, NY - Mr. Jamel Allah, 55, was born in Harlem, NY in 1953. Mr. Allah was incarcerated for a few years; however, the immense desire to never again partake in negative endeavors is what empowered him to fight against gangs and gun violence through speaking with young people. As a result, in February of 2005, Jamel Allah founded a not-for-profit organization called Positive Seeds in Pelan, Inc. Positive Seeds in Pelan, Inc. was created to develop and nurture the youth, ages 8-18, in our communities. Now, over four years later, the Positive Seeds initiative has served many children through action-oriented and effective after-school endeavors. Mr. Allah considers his best work to be working with the youth in his community, helping them learn how to a lead productive and positive life. He is currently working hard in the Mount Hope community of the Bronx, as well as in Harlem at the Allah Youth Center, Inc. As a mentor to young children he helps them fight against the magnetic pull of the streets, diseased with gangs, drugs, and gun violence. Mr. Allah considers the children are our future, and when they are taught positive thoughts, they will have positive actions. The wealth of any community is the children and he recognizes this wealth through his work in demonstrating life paths more constructive and valuable than the one he originally chose for himself. Mr. Allah is determined to continue passing on these tools of proper knowledge that helped him become a positive and productive Blackman in the community.

Jailan Adly

Washington, DC - As Rising Sun’s Deputy Director Jailan Adly focuses on national expansion, new program development, and diversifying organizational resources. Jailan joined Rising Sun in 2007 as the CYES Program Director where she managed the operations, logistics, recruitment, and training for Rising Sun’s flagship California Youth Energy Services program. Jailan was attracted to Rising Sun because of its results-oriented approach, and loves the opportunity to share its solution driven programs with other communities. Previously, Jailan focused on international development through sustainable tourism in Jamaica, Lebanon, Morocco, and Egypt through her work with Solimar International, Environmental Quality International, and as a consultant for CDC Development Solutions and USAID-Lebanon. She received a Masters degree in Tourism Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from The George Washington University. Jailan will be transitioning this week into a new role with CDC Development Solutions, an international development organization located in Washington, DC. Blog Entry