Sustainable South Bronx legislative victory: tax abatement to stimulate Green Roof installation

Authors: greenforallblogger Our friends at Sustainable South Bronx just won a major victory in the NY state legislature: a $4.50/square foot green roof tax abatement. As the result of a an unprecedented team effort by elected officials and environmental groups, New York property owners will now get roughly 25% of the cost of a green roof taken off of their property tax bill. “This tax abatement is an economic stimulus that will create more living wage green-collar jobs that really are pathways out of poverty,” said Rob Crauderueff, Policy Director at SSBx and Policy Committee Chair of Storm Water Infrastructure Matters (S.W.I.M.) He goes on to say that "....the legislation that passed in Albany today is the culmination of an incredibly collaborative effort between groups as disparate as the very local Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice to national groups like the NRDC." The bill was sponsored in the NY State Assembly by Ruben Diaz, Jr, after a terrific collaborative effort by the powerful SWIM coalition. The Benefits of Green Roofs: The tax abatements make economic sense because horticultural infrastructure saves money. Green, vegetated roofs keep storm water out of our sewer system - saving energy & operational costs while keeping toxics out of our rivers. They also cool the city, whereas traditional tar roofs heat the city. The plants clean the air too, and because the green part protects the waterproof layer from the elements, green roofs dramatically extend the life span of a roof. The information in this post was adapted from SSBx's web site.

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