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The Flint water crisis is an ongoing problem that began in 2014 when the State of Michigan changed the source of Flint’s drinking water to the Flint River, without proper water treatment. The toxic water corroded the pipes running through the city and into people’s homes, exposing them to lead poisoning and other toxins. A whole city – over 100,000 residents -- were poisoned. A federal state of emergency was finally declared in January 2016. Although the water quality has been deemed acceptable as of 2017, residents continue to be forced to use bottled or filtered water until all the pipes have been replaced. 

In March 2016, as the Democratic presidential candidates were headed to Flint for a debate, Flint was beginning to fade from national news. Understanding the importance of keeping the focus on Flint long enough to bring real solutions, Green For All organized a celebrity bus tour with Mark Ruffalo, Van Jones, Vien Truong, and Tom Steyer to call attention to what is really going on in Flint and uplift the kinds of solutions needed to meet the scale of the problem.


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