Summer School: Why is Water Important?

Authors: Daniel Sanchez, Policy Associate, Capital Access Program

Water. We use it everyday, but do you know the challenges of providing clean water to ourselves and generations to come?

Water will be a defining environmental issue for many years. But addressing this issue head-on can create thousands of good jobs in the process.

Find out more about Green for All's vision for water in our "Building the Green Economy" video on water and water infrastructure.

Interested in learning more and teaching others about the water crisis—and opportunity? Check out Green for All's workshop The New Wave: Greening our Water Infrastructure. This participatory workshop explores our relationship to water, as well as the causes and consequences of the current crisis. It them lays out some solutions to help generate an action plan to ensure fresh water is available for years and years to come.



Lesson 1: Welcome Back to School

Lesson 2: What the bleep is the Green Economy?

Lesson 3: Why is Water Important?

Lesson 4: Roots of Success for ALL

Lesson 5: Knowing is not enough


Profile 1: Meet the College Ambassadors

Profile 2: A Green Awakening

Profile 3: A Beautiful Struggle

Profile 4: Going Hard, Going Green

Profile 5: It's over already? What a year!

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