Summer School: What the BLEEP is the Green Economy?

Authors: Green For All

Stumped when people ask you what the Green Economy is? Easy – next time, just play them this video! Better yet, use the Facilitator's Guide to hold your own educational movie screening parties. This 13-minute educational video is great for introducing the different ways in which we can create green cities that create jobs and make our communities healthier. The video can be watched in sections, along with matching activities in the Facilitator's Guide.

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Lesson 1: Welcome Back to School

Lesson 2: What the bleep is the Green Economy?

Lesson 3: Why is Water Important?

Lesson 4: Roots of Success for ALL

Lesson 5: Knowing is not enough


Profile 1: Meet the College Ambassadors

Profile 2: A Green Awakening

Profile 3: A Beautiful Struggle

Profile 4: Going Hard, Going Green

Profile 5: It's over already? What a year!

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