Summer School: Roots of Success for ALL

Authors: How do we make sure all Americans are able to participate in the growing green economy? For one, we need to make sure people have access to environmental literacy. And we need a high quality environmental literacy curriculum that addresses not only the environment, but also issues of equity, urban planning and personal development. For these reasons, Green For All has adopted the Roots of Success Environmental Literacy Curriculum as a core component of our Academy and Fellowship program, training our leaders as instructors, so they may prepare their constituents to successfully participate in the growing green economy. Roots of Success ( is a nonprofit working to fulfill our vision of preparing the people who most need work with the work that most needs to be done. The Roots of Success curriculum is based on green jobs pioneer, Professor Raquel Pinderhughes’ extensive research across 21 sectors of the green economy. When she conducted the first research study on green collar jobs, she found that employers who hire people with barriers to employment need them to be job ready, academically strong, and understand the environmental mission of their firm. In response, Raquel created a curriculum that meets these needs. Roots of Success is being used in job training programs, high schools, community colleges, colleges and universities, re-entry programs, prisons and jails—to date they’ve helped over 100 programs in 25 states in the US and in Puerto Rico prepare more than 1,500 at-risk youth and adults for jobs in the green economy. Green For All is receiving outstanding feedback from our Fellows who are using the curriculum in their work as educators and organizers and our College Ambassadors who have been students of the curriculum over the last year.



Lesson 1: Welcome Back to School

Lesson 2: What the bleep is the Green Economy?

Lesson 3: Why is Water Important?

Lesson 4: Roots of Success for ALL

Lesson 5: Knowing is not enough


Profile 1: Meet the College Ambassadors

Profile 2: A Green Awakening

Profile 3: A Beautiful Struggle

Profile 4: Going Hard, Going Green

Profile 5: It's over already? What a year!

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