Statement on Trump Executive Order to Roll Back Clean Power Plan

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Contact: Diane May, (317) 292-2922,

Nina Smith, 301-717-9006,

Statement on Trump Executive Order to Roll Back Clean Power Plan

OAKLAND, Calif.--Today, Green For All Director Vien Truong released the following statement in response to reports that Donald Trump signed an executive order rolling back key parts of the Clean Power Plan:

“Today, we have taken a step back as a country. This administration continues to gut key protections that keep our families safe and our waters clean.

Communities like Brandywine, Md. or Flint, MI already contend with the brunt of fossil fuel pollution due to power plants in their neighborhoods. And Trump’s latest actions guarantee that frontline families will continue to bear the burden of financial, health and climate costs.

Renewable energy is a critical part of building the economy of the future. But Trump and his friends in the fossil fuel industry want us to ignore this fact, choosing instead to boost industry profits over basic human rights.

We fought long and hard to make the Clean Power Plan a reality. By cutting carbon pollution from power plants, it aims to spark innovation, drive investment in clean energy technologies and energy efficiency that would create jobs and save families money. And most importantly, it has the potential to address power plant pollution in the communities most vulnerable to asthma and other health impacts.

“It’s clear that Trump is determined to protect the fossil fuel industry, no matter the cost. Green For All will continue to stand with frontlines families and our most vulnerable to enact policies that create jobs and cut carbon pollution to protect the health of our kids.”


Green For All is a climate and economic justice organization working at the intersection of poverty and pollution to create an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. Green For All is an initiative of The Dream Corps, a social justice accelerator for transformative campaigns, ideas and innovations.

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