Statement on EPA's Mercury and Air Toxics standard

Dec 21, 2011

EPA's new rules limiting mercury and particulate emissions from coal-fired power plants are long overdue. The rules as proposed would significantly curtail pollution that is making Americans sick. But the benefits are much broader. The Economic Policy Institute puts the number of net jobs likely created from this ruling at between 28,000 and 158,000 from retrofitting old plants. This is the promise of the green economy. 

Today’s announcement is particularly important to those of us who live in low-income communities -- where power plants usually call home. Since the EPA announced preliminary rules limiting mercury and toxic air pollution from power plants in March, over 13,000 Americans have died prematurely because of this pollution. We've missed 650,000 days of work. Children have suffered over 84,000 preventable asthma attacks.

This new ruling will put thousands of Americans to work, make our air cleaner, and keep our children healthy. We strongly encourage their immediate implementation. 

For up-to-the-second statistics on the health impacts of mercury and air toxic pollution, visit

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