State Spotlight: Green Jobs training program launched in New Jersey

Authors: ada

Governor Corzine of New Jersey announced last month a new green-collar job training program for the state. This training program is intended to put hundreds of New Jersey residents to work, while meeting the state's economic and environmental goals.

The program will focus on energy retrofitting, and help the state's goal to reduce carbon emissions 20% by 2020.

According to an article by Beth Fitzgerald on,

The governor said these jobs will allow young people “to make a very good living and create a pathway of opportunities. This is the early stage of the green economy, and if you can acquire these skills and grow them, you will have a great future.”

The article continues with a quote from Martin Johnson, founder of the training program:

There’s a lot of talk about these jobs in energy efficiency, "but the question is whether people in places like Trenton — which now has a 16 percent unemployment rate — whether those of us who live here will get access to these green-collar jobs. We’re here to say yes, we will."

Read the full NJBiz article here.

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