State Spotlight: $5 BILLION Investment in California Green Jobs

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Our sister organization, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, has been doing groundbreaking work in Oakland and the state of California, to create green jobs and green jobs training.

Here Ian Kim, the Director of the Green-Collar Jobs program at the Ella Baker Center, writes about another victory for green jobs training in California.

Californians overwhelmingly support investment in green-collar training like the Oakland Green Jobs Corps

ARE YOU READY? The green-collar jobs movement is about to take a giant leap forward, thanks to the help of California Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg.

Senator Steinberg just introduced a plan to invest $5 BILLION in green job training in schools, community colleges, and more.

With input from Ella Baker Center and our coalition allies, Steinberg's SB 675 -- the Clean Technology and Renewable Energy Job Training, Career Education and Dropout Prevention Act -- would provide facilities and equipment to high schools, community colleges, and businesses in order to prepare students and trainees for green careers.

Even better, due in large part to our efforts, 20% -- equaling $1 BILLION -- of the funds will benefit underrepresented and disadvantaged communities in California. We are especially proud that the bill specifically supports programs that provide green job training for people who have been incarcerated or are at risk of getting caught up in the system.

We've got good reason to believe that the bill will receive broad support from Californians: in a recent poll commissioned by Ella Baker Center,80% of the people polled said they thought it was important to invest in creating green-collar jobs!75% would support green jobs training in middle schools, high schools, and community colleges. And voters are ready to put their money where their mouth is -- a strong majority said they'd support new taxes on oil companies, polluters, or the very wealthy to support green job training.Click here for more detailed poll results.

Thank you for all that you do to advance the Green-Collar Jobs movement. We're thrilled that you are helping us create a California that lifts people up instead of keeping them down.

Green jobs, not jails.

Ian Kim
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

The Ella Baker Center is part of an incredible coalition called the Green Jobs Working Group. This cross-sector alliance of labor, social justice, and environmental organizations has come together to help guide and develop bills like SB 675. The members of this coalition are: California Apollo Alliance, California Labor Federation, California State Building and Construction Trades Council, Central Valley Air Quality Coalition, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Sierra Club California.

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