Solis for Secretary of Labor - Vote is on for tomorrow

Authors: ada Tomorrow, the Senate will FINALLY vote on Congresswoman Hilda Solis's nomination for Secretary of Labor. We wrote with excitement about President Obama's nomination more than 2 months ago, so why has it taken the Senate so long to confirm this green jobs champion? In addition to a strong record of supporting green jobs, Women's and Latino rights in the workplace, and unions, Solis supports the Employee Free Choice Act. The Act will make it easier for Unions to form in workplaces- which Big Business interests and many Republicans are opposed to. As a result, some Senate Republicans have been stalling the approval process, citing a minor tax dispute that Solis's husband's small business is facing. As a Congresswoman, Solis has been a champion for green jobs training- and we eagerly await the leadership she will bring as Secretary of Labor. More on Solis: Enough is Enough: Confirm Hilda Solis Now by Van Jones 2/12/09 Green Jobs Champion Solis named Secretary of Labor, and other Obama appointments by Ada McMahon 12/19/08 New Labor Secretary is Brown and Green by Van Jones 12/19/08

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