Shut up Windmill

Authors: Biko Baker, The League of Young Voters Rob "Biko" Baker is a Green For All Academy Fellow from Class 1. He is the Executive Director of The League of Young Voters. Whether anyone in the mainstream media wants to admit it or not, the millennial generation is the most powerful age cohort this country has ever seen. We are tech savvy and process driven, but perhaps most importantly, we embrace transparency like no other generation before us. Let's be real, what other group would be willing to throw their most personal details on a social networking platform for the world to see? Trust me, I know how talented millennials are, that's why I was two thumbs up when members of the League's operations staff said that they wanted to create a viral video to educate their peers about the climate bill. After all, who best to inform young voters about the importance of breaking our carbon addiction than young voters.

Directed and written by the League's Operations Director Sean Gardner, the video uses comedy to highlight America's ridiculous coal habit. Although people critique young people for not taking things seriously, folks often forget how comedy has historically been one of the strongest modes of popular education for working people. Because like the old saying goes, sometimes you have to "laugh to keep from crying." But the truth is the climate bill is no laughing matter. Not only is the Kerry-Boxer Bill our country's best shot at reducing carbon emissions, but the legislation also has a number of key job creation amendments. And even though the League's precocious staffers are earning a paycheck, the truth is that over 50% of Americans ages 16-24 are not working. That's way too many talented people on the sidelines. Our generation clearly needs to have more economic opportunities, otherwise I fear that all the laughter could turn into crying. So take a couple minutes out of your busy day to laugh and join the cause by watching the League's viral PSA "Shut Up Windmill."

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