Sheryl Shapiro, Green Infrastructure Program Manager, Seattle Public Utilities

Sheryl Shapiro is a Planning and Development Specialist for the City of Seattle at Seattle Public Utilities (SPU).  She works in the areas of environmental justice and service equity, inclusive public outreach and engagement, partnerships and sustainability.

Sheryl manages SPU’s three Community Advisory Committees which align with the Utilities’ lines of business: solid waste; creeks, drainage and wastewater; and drinking water. These Committees help ensure that SPU policies, programs  and  services are serving all Seattle communities and provide input and analysis on departmental issues.  She also works with SPU’s Environmental Justice Network in Action, a collaborative partnership with other government agencies, community organzitions and non-profits.  EJNA is an on-going effort to build long-term relationships with low income, people of color, and immigrant and refugee communities throughout Seattle and King County, WA to co-create culturally relevant and accessible projects and approaches to community involvement and public engagement.

Sheryl also serves as a member of the City-wide and SPU teams for the City’s Race and Social Justice Initiative. (RSJI).   The Initiative is a citywide effort to end institutionalized racism and race-based disparities in City government. RSJI builds on the work of the civil rights movement and the ongoing efforts of individuals and groups in Seattle to confront racism. The Initiative’s long term goal is to change the underlying system that creates race-based disparities in our community and to achieve racial equity.

Sheryl has experience working with community organizations, businesses and schools and residents in urban creek/watershed education and restoration and is a LEED AP and certified teacher.

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