Senator Murkowski introduces “Dirty Air Act”

Authors: ada

Yesterday U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski continued her campaign to undermine the Clean Air Act and to distract the country from real efforts to fix our economy and fight the climate crisis.

Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, along with 35 other cosponsors including three Democrats (Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Ben Nelson of Nebraska) introduced a resolution in the Senate that would restrict the EPA from enforcing provisions of the Clean Air Act to protect community health.

The Clean Air Act is one of the most effective pieces of legislation in history when it comes to protecting the health of America’s families and communities. For nearly 40 years it has limited the pollution that spews poison into our neighborhoods.

Murkowski’s proposal, if passed by Congress, would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating the production of greenhouse gases; it would ignore the scientific fact that carbon pollution endangers human health, and as such can be regulated by the Clean Air Act.

The proposal was written by lobbyists for the dirty energy industry, which also happens to be Senator Murkowski's biggest campaign contributor.

At a time when we need Congress to pass bold and comprehensive solutions to create jobs, spark a robust clean-energy economy, and combat the climate crisis, these senators are denying that pollution is pollution, and attempting to strip away key protections for our communities. 

Please Take Action: Tell your senators to oppose any roll back of the Clean Air Act.

America should be moving forward towards clean-energy solutions that restore the health of our economy, communities, and planet. Instead, Senator Murkowski and her Democratic allies -- Landrieu, Lincoln, and Nelson -- are trying to take us backwards.

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