Selim Sandoval

From the rainforest farm life of Guatemala to the tough inner city streets of south central Los Angeles, Selim brings a diverse practical life experience to the public service forum. Selim is a social entrepreneur, educator, and community builder who recognizes the power of cooperation and team action. He has served the Southern California area for 20 years, by passionately dedicating himself to improving community cohesion through empowering people by implementing positive programs that generate jobs and civic pride. 

A consummate outdoorsman, Selim is a certified national wilderness guide. Acting in a professional capacity with various organizations he has developed and planned and safely shepherded scores of youth and adults in wilderness adventures throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America.

In the decade and a half of leading wilderness experiences he began to notice overt deeply concerning ecological changes, causing a shift in his career focus. He began concentrating on educating communities in conservation at a local level. Steadily building on his commitment to renewable energy development. Selim has been in the forefront of conscious ecological and social development.

Soon, he began working with various alternate energy companies to actualize renewable energy programs - which include the use of solar, and wind. He founded “Growing Green Energy” – a renewable energy solar installation and green workforce development company, partnered in Ojai Solar Electric (a NABCEP Certified solar installation company), serves as Campaign Manager for Green the Rez Campaign, which provides technical assistance to Native American tribes in the areas of sustainable community, economic development, and is the creator of the very successful Green Jobs program with Venice Youth Build.

In 2007 his company EARTHPLAY ECO CENTER was awarded “Green Business of the Year for 2007” by Ventura County. Most recently has named Mr. Sandoval as one of 40 people who are redefining green. His latest completed project is a multi-million dollar 230 kilowatt solar carport installation at Santa Barbara City College, and has established him as a strong planner and leader in the burgeoning “Green Eco Industry”.

A respected Fellow in Green for All and Repower America Campaign Selim’s influence and momentum continues to grow. His leadership has been instrumental in developing the International Laborers Union’s solar installer training program to the end goal of promoting green industry globally. 

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