Say No to Dumb Decisions and Yes to a Power Shift in "09!

Authors: ada Ever did something you completely regret? Like give yourself an at-home perm without reading the directions, or leave the car lights on too long? Well so has our country. For quite a while now we have been making some pretty dumb decisions. Decisions that will cost more than having to cut some hair or flag down a stranger for jumper cables. America's decision to ignore real solutions to climate change could cost us our planet. Over 35 years ago people started getting electricity and heat from wind and solar. President Carter even put solar panels on the White House. Then all of a sudden America made a dumb decision and stopped supporting renewable technologies. Our denial of the great possibilities created by a clean renewable energy economy has led us to where we are today. America is the biggest contributor to climate change and millions of people across the globe are dead because of Climate related natural disasters, famine and droughts. Plus thousands of Americans are in Debt, without jobs or anywhere to turn to for an answer. BUT we do have the answer and, by golly, it's definitely not a dumb one! So if your tired of paying for other people's dumb decisions and you're ready for real change and a real POWER SHIFT then we need you! Register for Power Shift 09 today! February 27-March 2nd in Washington, DC. Join the Movement LET'S GET THOSE SOLAR PANELS BACK UP ON THE WHITE HOUSE! For More information visit Reduced priced group registrations and travel scholarships are available for a limited time! Short Bio: Kari Fulton is the National Campus Campaign Coordinator for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative a member of the Power Shift 09 Steering Committee and blogger at

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