Sacramento's "Green Initiative"

Authors: Stacy Ho

Big news from Sacramento: Mayor Kevin Johnson is committed to putting Sacramento on the map as the greenest city in the greenest state in the nation. He wants California's capital to be a center of green innovation.

It began Tuesday when Mayor Johnson launched the "Green Initiative" at the California Museum before an audience of about 300 stakeholders and supporters. You could tell this was a big deal; California First Lady Maria Shriver made the opening remarks, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was the featured speaker.

The California Museum was the perfect place to launch the centerpiece of Mayor Johnson's second year in office. The mayor firmly believes that the initiative is a historic one for California, marking the Sacramento region's transition towards a clean-energy future that improves the health, wealth, and well-being of its residents, including the most vulnerable communities.

Over the next eight months, the Green Initiative Taskforce — comprised of leaders from the business, non-profit, labor, academic, and government sectors — will coordinate, align, and leverage efforts regionally around a common vision and set sustainability goals focused on the environment, economy, and education.

Mayor Johnson urged stakeholders to "come together collectively" around a bold, shared vision that fosters a thriving regional economy, creates high-quality green jobs and career ladders, develops policies and practices that support existing green businesses and attract new ventures, and increases the public's "green IQ," or awareness about what it means to be green.

Green For All is honored to support the Green Initiative and is committed to its success. We applaud the leadership of Mayor Johnson and the City of Sacramento in building an inclusive regional economy that lifts all boats.

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