Roshani Dantas

Detroit, MI - Roshani Dantas is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Master’s degree in Toxicology. Her work focuses on health and policy disparities in Environmental Health for environmental justice communities. Roshani worked on environmental policy issues in Lansing for two years with the focus of increasing measures in policy that address race/income disparities as well as environmental justice. In addition, Ms. Dantas lobbied in Lansing on a variety of environmental issues and worked on energy policy with the Michigan Black Legislative Caucus. Ms. Dantas also worked as an environmental justice community advocate and trainer in Detroit on a variety of issues from lead to asthma to energy conservation. She served on Detroit Councilwoman Jo-Ann Watson’s Green Task Force providing expertise on solid waste/recycling options for Detroit. Roshani presently is the Program Manager for Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice’s Green Jobs Training Program. This is a comprehensive program that focuses on finding quality employment in the green jobs arena for underemployed or unemployed Detroit residents. She also provides training to the Detroit community and other agencies on asthma and other environmental health issues.

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