Resources For Green-Collar Jobs Training: Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs provide life skills, basic construction skills, and OSHA safety training in addition to academic preparation for the entry exams required to enter apprenticeship programs.  There are no national or local standards on what program can call itself a “pre-apprenticeship program,” so do your homework.  Make sure the any program you enter will offer you the skills and training you seek.  Pre-apprenticeship programs vary greatly.  Community-based groups, community colleges and training partnerships are just some of the many types of organizations that offer apprenticeship preparation.  Do a quick google search for “pre-apprenticeship,” plus your state or region.

When choosing a training program, it is important to find one that is connected to employment opportunities and is not too expensive. The most important thing is getting steady work once you complete your program.

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