Resources for Connecting Graduates to Jobs

We have linked to resources that have been recommended by members of the Green Pathways Out of Poverty working group, including training programs run by community colleges, community-based organizations, YouthBuilds, Conservation Corps, apprenticeship preparation and apprenticeship programs.

  • Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership: example of a regional partnership that brings together employers at a large scale to identify training needs.
  • Oakland Green Job Corps:¬†example of a program with strong ties to employers and labor
  • The New Apollo Program¬†is a national strategy for job creation through clean energy.
  • National Transitional Jobs Network: A link to a network for workforce strategy designed to overcome employment obstacles by using time-limited, wage-paying jobs and combining real work, skill development, and supportive services to transition participants successfully into the labor market.
  • Employ America: Agency acts as a third party employer of record to assist training programs and employers to accrue tax benefits and incentives when hiring eligible populations.

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