People & Programs Spotlight on People & Programs daily 1 2008-02-26T22:49:49Z Statewide green job training program in New Jersey led by unique partnership. Led by the New Jersey Building Laborers Training and Apprenticeship Fund (NJBLTAF), the partnership includes the Black Ministers Council of NJ, the state’s County Vocational-Technical Schools, Laborers’ Union Local 55, and the Workforce Investment System. No publisher yvonne recovery State Policy 2010-05-24T23:52:38Z Resource Update from Washington State: SustainableWorks secures Recovery grant. In May of 2009, we reported on a major legislative victory for clean-energy jobs in Washington, thanks to deep community involvement and champions in the state legislature. Now, the application process for those funds is complete, and a great organization called SustainableWorks won a Recovery grant. No publisher Steve Gelb, Executive Director of SustainableWorks recovery State Policy 2010-05-24T23:52:57Z Resource JFYNetWorks training ranges from brownfields to green jobs Since 1976, JFYNetWorks has helped more than 50,000 youth and adults throughout the state of Massachusetts earn high school credentials, acquire marketable job skills, and find career-ladder employment in growth industries. The community-based organization targets out-of school youth, career changers, immigrants, and the underemployed. No publisher yvonne Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:21:22Z Resource Louisiana Green Corps provides green job training to court-involved youth (VIDEO) Since its inception in 2008, the Louisiana Green Corps has graduated 68 court-involved youth from its green jobs training programs, with another 100 now in various stages of training. The LA Green Corps educates youth aged 17-24 in green construction, weatherizing homes, material deconstruction and reuse, and energy-saving techniques. No publisher yvonne State Policy 2010-05-24T23:52:56Z Resource On the front line in the fight against dirty energy: Veterans Green Jobs Regardless of their position on the two Gulf Wars, most Americans recognize that our Veterans fought a war over energy. This fact is not lost on Veterans Green Jobs, a new kind of veterans service organization comprised of both veterans and civilians who share a larger mission of ensuring that the American heroes who have fought the front lines of our wars over energy are on the front lines of reducing our nation’s dependence on dirty energy. No publisher Ladan Sobhani 2009-07-09T18:54:51Z Resource California Youth Energy Services Teenagers working with California Youth Energy Services are turning urban neighborhoods into greener, healthier places to live by offering residents simple energy-saving repairs and advice. No publisher Barbara Grady Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:24:52Z Resource American YouthWorks In Central Texas, where 36 percent of teens drop out of high school, American YouthWorks gives at-risk youth in Austin ’s poorest neighborhoods a second chance, offering hands-on training in green construction and conservation along with academic classes for a high school diploma. No publisher harris Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:26:56Z Resource Greencorps Chicago Greencorps Chicago Prepares Ex-Offenders For The Green Economy. As a program of the city government, Greencorps Chicago bridges the most economically-disadvantaged people with the nascent green economy of the region, by providing paid nine-month training programs in diverse environmental trades. No publisher harris Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:27:32Z Resource Bay Area Women Growing Green Businesses, Creating Healthy Jobs Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, WAGES (Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security) works to build worker-owned green businesses that create healthy, dignified jobs for low-income immigrant women. Over the past decade, WAGES has built three successful green‑housecleaning cooperatives that have given hundreds of women the opportunity to become financially secure, gain business skills, and lead healthier, fuller lives. No publisher yingsun Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:28:00Z Resource Building Workplace Democracy and Green Industry in the Bronx Green Worker Cooperatives has worked since 2003 to build worker-owned green industry across the South Bronx. In early 2008, after years of fundraising, education, and building ties with the local community, the organization opened its first cooperative: Rebuilder's Source, which collects and markets waste construction supplies for re-use. No publisher yingsun Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:28:44Z Resource Urban Farmers in Chicago Using the context of an organic agriculture venture, Growing Home’s mission is to foster life- and job-skill training in a transitional employment program for previously incarcerated, homeless, and low-income Chicagoans. No publisher ladan Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:29:05Z Resource Pre-Apprenticeship: Best Practices, Best Results Seattle Vocational Institute Pre-apprenticeship Construction Training (PACT) helps to meet the demand for green-collar workers in the construction trades by preparing low-income people for family-wage career opportunities in commercial construction. SVI PACT has been working for 10 years to develop best practices for pre-apprenticeship. PACT graduates enter the apprenticeships for carpenters, ironworkers, electricians, plumbers, laborers, and 10 other construction trades. No publisher ladan 2009-07-24T01:33:55Z Resource Cleaning Up—Environmentally and Economically, Recycling Makes Sense Standing up for the rights of sanitation workers, the Teamsters Union is promoting recycling and other “green” initiatives that help the environment and create family wage jobs. By promoting curbside recycling, a wealth of new jobs are created as they often require extra pickups and additional people to sort and separate the waste. No publisher samk 2008-05-28T18:24:30Z Resource Green-Collar Workers Vital to Washington, D.C. Policy Goals As the Nation's capitol, Washington DC is playing an important leadership role in advancing green jobs in America through the DC Green Collar Jobs Initiative, a cooperative effort among city government, for profit entities, non-profits, & academic institutions. Together, these actors are enacting policies that will create large demand for a variety of green-collar jobs and new markets for DC-area businesses. No publisher greenstork 2008-06-02T16:17:50Z Resource Newark Neighborhood Revitalization Effort Trains Green-Collar Workers The Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District (LPCCD) is a Community Development Corporation transforming a low-income neighborhood in Newark into an arts and cultural district. The arts and cultural district will include 300 "green" mixed-income housing units, music festivals, historic restoration projects and the Museum of African American Music. There will be over one-million square feet of development, including sixteen USGBC LEED Certified buildings and participation in the USGBC LEED-Neighborhood Development pilot program. No publisher nica Local Policy 2010-05-24T22:29:39Z Resource