Business Resources daily 1 2010-02-10T21:37:25Z Doing Business with the Federal Government: The Basics The Federal government spends more than $500 billion in contracting dollars every year. U.S. law currently establishes a goal that 23% of prime Federal contract dollars go to small businesses, and yet, it has fallen short of this goal for the past several years. Small businesses need to take better advantage of the Federal market place. No publisher Green For All Federal Resource Capital Access Program 2011-06-30T19:52:11Z Resource Green Gab: A Glossary of Terms used in Green Business This glossary provides useful definitions for many of the terminology and buzzwords frequently used within the green industry. This guide serves as an introductory resource for anyone new to the intersection of sustainability and social justice, as well as for those who lack an exhaustive understanding of commonly used jargon. No publisher simonkim Capital Access Program 2011-06-27T23:01:58Z Resource Where To Get the Green: Sources of Funds for Green Entrepreneurs Many people struggle to figure out how they can obtain the capital required to start and/or scale a business. This guide may not offer all of the answers, but it does provide helpful insights into a wide variety of financing options available to aspiring entrepreneurs as well as existing small business owners. No publisher simonkim Capital Access Program 2010-04-05T22:35:03Z Resource The Green Business Plan Guide While there is an abundance of resources focused on how to write a business plan, virtually none of the publications that exist today detail how to include environmental and social justice concerns. This guide attempts to explain how someone focused on the triple bottom line -- profit, planet, and people -- goes about writing a business plan for a truly green business. No publisher simonkim Capital Access Program 2010-04-05T22:34:57Z Resource 10 Green Business Ideas for New Entrepreneurs Many people see solar panels and wind turbines, and wonder how they are supposed to engage the green business economy. This guide outlines ten accessible business ideas that can be pursued by just about anyone, including those that are capital constrained. No publisher simonkim Capital Access Program 2010-04-05T22:34:50Z Resource Going Green: A Guide to Greening Your Business This guide is for the small business owner who is interested in reducing the environmental footprint of his/her company's operations, and provides specific recommendations and resources for those who want to go green -- and save money by doing so. No publisher simonkim Capital Access Program 2010-04-05T22:34:45Z Resource