Report and video: Portland's innovative energy retrofit program

Authors: Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Today Green For All released a new report and video about an exciting home-weatherization program in Portland, Oregon which can serve as a model for the entire country.

Clean Energy Works Portland is an effort that will cut energy bills, create green jobs, reduce pollution and expand business opportunities. In addition, it will ensure that Recovery Act investment dollars reach those hit hardest by the recession. It's not a silver bullet, but it is a great model on which to build an important component of a new clean energy economy.

Green For All's report details why Clean Energy Works Portland has such special appeal. The program includes a revolving loan fund with innovative "on-bill financing" and a Community Workforce Agreement that creates jobs in the communities that need them most.

Read the report and watch our video about Clean Energy Works Portland:


Portland is showing America how to move forward with a new model for economic growth in the 21st century.

At Green For All, we are enormously proud to be a part of this effort.

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