Remembering Katrina...

Authors: Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Four years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

As the Gulf Coast struggled to keep its head above water, the rest of us were glued to the news - astounded at first by the awful destruction, and then by the inadequate response to so much human suffering.

Today, New Orleans has become a leader in energy saving and clean energy, from solar-powered streetlights and hybrid city buses, to building energy-efficient homes for residents who were made homeless by Katrina.

And the Gulf Coast offers illuminating lessons for America, a nation in search of economic recovery.

The rebuilding is far from done. But in the past four years we've learned a lot about the right and wrong ways to help the region rebuild and thrive.

It is time we to put these lessons to use, as the nation recovers and rebuilds.

Read more in my blog post, featured on the Huffington Post today:

4 Years After Katrina: Lessons from the Gulf Coast

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