Reframing the national debate on climate change

Authors: greenforallblogger On Tuesday, May 27th, as Congress prepared to debate the now defunct Warner-Lieberman Climate Security Bill, Green For All held a conference call with our emerging community of practice to discuss how to communicate OUR vision for national climate policy, and make OUR voices influential in the national debate. Recognizing that Warner-Lieberman was just the beginning of what will be a lengthy national debate on energy, carbon emissions, and climate change in the years to come, our call focused on communications that can propel our messages and issues to the center of this debate. The eco-elite says it's about the polar bears, the right says it's about wealthy, out-of-touch liberals driving up energy prices.... we say federal climate policy must: * Maximize the gain for low-income communities and communities of color * Minimize the pain for the most vulnerable * Invest in green-collar jobs * Limit carbon emissions at a level that science (not big business) dictates; and * Make polluters pay Listen to the call here (streaming):

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