Michelle Romero from Green For All Joins EcoWURD on Reality Check

Michelle Romero joins Charles Ellison on Reality Check to discuss Green For All's #FuelChange campaign.

fuelchange kids


Green For All’s #FuelChange campaign is mobilizing a movement of people across the country to fight climate change and improve health by bringing zero-emission electric cars, trucks, and buses to underserved neighborhoods.

They are using music, education, and culture to reach impacted communities who’ve been left out of the climate conversation and develop local leaders to take action in their own neighborhoods. Putting the power to change climate change in the hands of the people most affected by pollution.

They have recently selected four artists and are going to release the full music video on April 3. I wanted to share with you a sample of the music video of Warren Dickson's verse on climate pollution. And see if you’d be interested in having one of the artists and/or Michelle Romero, their national director on to discuss their new campaign.


Listen to the recording here: https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/reality-check-michelle-romero-green-for-all-joins-ecowurd


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