Q and A with Green Recovery implementer Emmanuel Hales (Video)

Authors: ada

3/26/09 UPDATE: Audio from yesterday's national conference call, Grassroots Action Toward a Green Recovery for All (featuring Emmanuel and other local leaders), is now available.


Emmanuel Hales read the Recovery Act cover to cover (it took him 3 days) and learned that every state has to partner with an organization to implement green jobs training money.

He then called and emailed every local official he could think of, until he found out who that partner organization was in Virginia.

Next, he made his way into that organization's board meeting, and found out that they had no plan to support disadvantaged communities with the funds (as the green jobs training funding specifies).

Now, Emmanuel is a key decision-maker in the Recovery implementation process in Virginia, working to build Pathways out of Poverty with the Recovery funds.

I caught up with him for this interview in late February, at Power Shift 09.

Don't worry – You don't need to read the entire Act to take part in the Recovery process where you live. Visit our Recovery Page for resources and tools for bringing Recovery funds to your community.

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