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Authors: Alli Chagi-Starr Having just returned from Missouri Power Shift, I can report that the movement for clean energy, green jobs, and climate justice is alive and well among the students of the "Show Me State." Power Shift is a national campaign driven by youth across the country who are coming together to urge President Obama and Congress to pass a strong clean-energy bill to revitalize our economy and end our country's dependence on dirty energy. Photos from the event:


Our allies at the Energy Action Coalition (EAC) are mobilizing youth at eleven regional Power Shift conferences across the nation – in North Carolina, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Miami, West Virginia, Virginia, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Missouri. Green For All teamed up with EAC and coordinated with local student groups to send Green For All Academy Fellows and green jobs practitioners to speak at these historic gatherings this month and next. As coordinator of Green For All's campaign for a strong Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act in the U.S. Senate, I was thrilled to help at the Missouri Power Shift with great speakers and a workshop on cultural organizing in the green jobs movement. The speakers talked about the real on-the-ground benefits of the provisions we have been fighting for in the bill – the Green Construction Careers Demonstration Project andfunding for the Green Jobs Act. Patrick Brown, Green For All Fellow and longtime trainer and organizer for GreenCorps Chicago, spoke about why these provisions are so important for the work he is doing creating green jobs in Chicago, DC, Kansas City, MO, and the South Bronx. Green For All Academy Fellow and Hip Hop artist, Ashel Eldridge, presented and performed as a representative of the Alliance for Climate Education. He arrived earlier in the week to give presentations to high-schools students about Climate Science and to recruit them to attend Power Shift. In St. Louis, I was moved by how smart, passionate and unstoppable youth in the climate movement are. Above all, they understand the urgency of stopping climate change now, and the need to include all Americans in the clean-energy economy. The current focus of the Missouri youth is encouraging their Senator Claire McCaskill to help pass a strong Clean Energy Jobs bill. These young people, and millions like them across the nation, are a critical force for historic legislation that can turn back the tide of climate chaos and create a new green economy for all.

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