President Obama’s Executive Order on Climate Resilience is Step in Right Direction in Fortifying Vulnerable Communities


Contact: Alyssa Ritterstein

WASHINGTON – Today, President Obama signed an executive order that will help make America more climate resilient by requiring federally-funded projects to consider climate change. Additionally, President Obama announced the creation of a task force of state and local leaders that will advise the federal government on resiliency efforts. 

Green For All applauds President Obama’s initiative, believing it is a step in addressing the unique vulnerabilities of the communities most at risk to climate change disasters and pollution.

Statement of Green For All CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

One year ago this week when Superstorm Sandy hit New York and New Jersey, we learned how vulnerable we all are to the devastating potential of extreme weather caused by climate change. And today, we applaud President Obama for leading our nation in preparing our neighborhoods to survive the storms.

The executive order acknowledges that while climate change threatens us all, it doesn’t do so equally. Social, economic, and infrastructural stability are important factors in determining how vulnerable a neighborhood is to floods, fires, and hurricanes. Superstorm Sandy confirmed what we learned from Hurricane Katrina more than eight years ago. Communities with the fewest resources have the hardest time preparing, escaping, surviving and recovering from extreme weather.

We’re looking forward to working with President Obama to ensure that resilience plans adequately address the risks of all communities—especially those most in harm’s way.  


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