Preparing DC Communities of Color for Climate Disasters

Green For All Highlights Resiliency Strategies at Earth Day Event

WASHINGTON, D.C.— This Earth Day, Green For All’s new Executive Director Nikki Silvestri is revealing strategies that will help communities of color thrive in the face of climate change, strengthening their ability to leap forward economically and environmentally.

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Alyssa Ritterstein

At an Act on Climate Campus Tour Stop in Washington, DC., Silvestri joined Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley, Grammy-nominated Recording Artist Raheem Devaughn and other notable entertainers and experts in calling for action.

“Climate change hits communities of color first and worst,” Silvestri said. “African Americans are at a greater risk for displacement from flooding and sea level rise. They are more vulnerable to heat-related deaths, climbing food costs, crime and illness from climate change. And, Latinos disproportionately live near high-polluting power plants. Our climate change strategies must address this gap.”

Silvestri pushed for much-needed investments in infrastructure like stormwater and emergency response systems that will mitigate damage from coming disasters. She also advocated for a combination of measures focused on economic security, strong infrastructure and social connections.

“While infrastructure takes time to fund and build, we can learn from the way communities use social connections and inventiveness to design solutions that build the economy, protect the environment and provide avenues for disaster relief in times of need – all of which lead to lower bills and better health,” Silvestri added.

Silvestri noted that truly resilient communities can weather storms, economic downturn and disasters when they recognize the importance of social ties and ensure activities are in place to foster them. When they invest in established, respected organizations that are connected with local residents they become more self-sufficient.


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