Power Shift 09 is underway!

Authors: ada More than 10,00 young people in DC, and they are pumped about green jobs and fired up for action. Here are some quick updates: Van Jones delivered an amazing speech last night - challenging youth to change the system, not just put a new battery in it. He reminded us that our President and leaders will never be as optimistic and as bold as we will be -- Don't back down! Don't back down! Brought the room, packed with thousands, to their feet. I was pretty excited about launching our "I'm Ready" Icons on stage with the rest of the Green For All staff -- though I was slightly embarrassed to stand in front of so many people, modeling a t-shirt with my own face on it. Green For All staff and friends were on several panels today -- topics ranging from Hip Hop to the Clean Energy Corps, funding our movement to the connection between Climate Change and the economy. In about ten minutes, our Julian McQueen and Nikki Henderson will present on Making the New Green Economy GREEN FOR ALL: Ensuring Equity and Access to the New Economy. Much more tonight, tomorrow, and Monday (LOBBY DAY!). Follow twitter updates and see most recent photos here. Our Group Photo shots are now up!

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