[Podcast] - Creating an Equitable Green Jobs Movement

Authors: ada
by Stephen Lacey, Podcast Editor  
New Hampshire, United States [RenewableEnergyWorld.com]

We've heard a lot about the Green Collar Jobs movement. But as the movement grows, organizations like Green For All will be working to ensure it reaches low-income communities that have traditionally been more adversely affected by an economy based on waste and dirty energy.

Melissa Bradley-Burns, a senior strategist with Green for All, joins us to talk about how we can make the next wave of technological and business innovation more equitable. She'll tell us about how we can use the resources available in the recent stimulus package to work toward that vision. Also, Ms. Shopping Golightly of the Thrifty Chicks Blog tells us about the importance of renewing the embodied energy of a product and lowering our carbon footprint by thrift shopping. This week's podcast is supported by Solar Energy International, a non-profit organization offering hands-on workshops and training opportunities in solar, wind, water power and natural building technologies. Inside Renewable Energy offers the latest in renewable energy news and information.


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