Pioneering Change on Campus

My name is Brianna Ford and I am a Junior Art/Architecture major at Clark Atlanta University. Serving as a Green For All College Ambassador has been a privilege – and an eye-opening experience. Not only am I honored to be a GFA Ambassador, but also I serve as the president and founder of CAU’s Recycling Club. This will also be my second year of participating as a CAU researcher for the engineering department working to improve sustainable efforts on our thriving campus of CAU. 

Earlier this year I was given a chance to bring very positive and powerful change to the campus of Clark Atlanta University by promoting sustainability on campus.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with what it’s like to lead a new and out-of-the-ordinary movement at a Historically Black College, you could easily compare it to an obstacle course. You never know what is coming next. There are all kinds of challenges facing you at every turn. But we kept pushing forward with perseverance and the knowledge that we were pioneers in this wonderful green movement, and that’s what gave us the confidence to succeed.

Through some brainstorming and creativity, my counterpart, Janica Johnson, and I came up with a way to involve our campus in a nationwide competition called Recycle Mania. Through the competition, we were able to guide and provide our campus with easy and convenient ways to recycle within CAU dorms.

We started off with some ways to get students involved in learning about the basics of recycling. From there, we received helpful feedback and great participation from our CAU students and faculty. Our greatest success was a workshop on green technology and green jobs that we collaborated with Morehouse and Spelman College to create. Over 30 people joined the workshop. It was an important first step in building knowledge about sustainability issues within our student body. When the workshop ended, we had a group of people eager to sign up for our next workshop. The enthusiasm and participation in these programs showed us that it is possible to move forward into a positive future at Clark Atlanta University.

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