Patrick Brown

Chicago, IL - Mr. Brown has spent the last 9 years working with OAI to train underserved communities to work in environmental health and safety. His primary function as Senior Instructor is to be responsible for training 80+ individuals per year to meet state requirements to receive licensure in Lead and Asbestos abatement. While at OAI, he has also been integral in the development of new curriculum including mold awareness, Hazardous communication and Hazwoper updates. Other duties include trainer evaluation and coordinating green initiatives within OAI’s 5 training sites nation wide. With a background in construction and lead abatement, Mr. Brown has recently focused on making jobs in the new green economy safe. As the number of green jobs grows and green technology advances it is important to him to keep worker safety at the forefront of this movement. Mr. Brown hopes that by doing such we can avoid the workplace injuries and marginalized health that were characteristic of the last pollution based economy.

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