Oakland's Grind for the Green launches G4G Mobile

Authors: Maritza Martinez, Fellowship Program Manager 

After establishing itself as one of the leading youth development organizations in the urban green movement, Oakland-based non-profit Grind for the Green has launched G4G Mobile, a partnership with Toyota/Volta and a private investor. "We want to practice the sustainability we've been preaching," says G4G founder and Green For All Fellow Zakiya Harris. "G4G Mobile is our first social enterprise, a hybrid of the non-profit and for-profit models, which uses an innovative, eco-friendly approach to create a revenue stream and employment opportunities." G4G Mobile represents an eco-evolutionary, entirely revolutionary step for promotions, utilizing a state-of-the-art solar-powered trailer made by Volta Mobile Solar. The G4G Mobile trailer, which features its own 3,600-watt renewable energy source, is part sustainable power company, part mobile classroom. It provides solar power to public and private events, powering DJs, bands, film screenings, cooking demos, spoken word events or mobile seminars. In addition, the trailer can be "wrapped" with promotional messages and images. 

With G4G Mobile, businesses, organizations, and schools can work together with Grind for the Green on developing eco-literacy workshops and green-oriented campaigns or simply power up their own events with energy from the sun. G4G Mobile is maintenance-free, and runs day or night. It also creates part-time green jobs for adults of color. Promotional events and marketing campaigns are backed up by G4G's social media and online promotions team for maximum impact across a variety of outlets. "G4G Mobile represents an innovative model of engagement by fusing the gap between micro-enterprise, culture, education and clean technologies," says Harris. "It fits perfectly into the urban edutainment model we have been cultivating since the mid-2000s, which is based around promoting the idea of sustainability, both environmentally and economically. G4G Mobile allows Grind for the Green and our strategic partners to deliver the green movement directly to the communities who can benefit the most from environmental awareness campaigns – it quite literally brings power to the people!"

Zakiya Harris - Oakland, CA

Zakiya Harris is a California native, who has been working as an artist, educator and activist for the past 10 years. She received her B.A. in Political Science and History from Rutgers University and attended New College of Law in San Francisco before leaving to pursue her life long passion of teaching. She has taught elementary through collegiate level in a variety of public and private settings. Read Zakiya's full profile »

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