The Issue

The largest budget cut to clean air, clean water, and environmental protections in our nation’s modern history is up for a vote in Congress this Fall.

The Potential Fallout

If the budget cuts pass, we all lose. Doesn't matter: red state, blue state, purple state. Our water would become more contaminated. Please, no more Flints. Our air and soil more toxic. Our health will suffer. Our kids will suffer.

Most of the funding that goes to the Environmental Protection Agency goes back to states -- for water infrastructure repairs and upgrades, for cleanup of hazardous waste sites and brownfields, for ensuring polluters are held accountable to air pollution rules. We must fight for the future we deserve. That includes clean air, clean water, and a safe environment for all.


The Action Needed

Women and moms from all walks of life, are coming together to say "not on our watch." We have a duty to protect our kids and defend our future. We invite you to join us. Sign the petition to tell Congress to preserve the Environmental Protection Agency's funding so they can protect us. No cuts!



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